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Business Development Manager, Trauma and Extremities, UK

“I first became interested in medical device sales as a career after talking to someone who already worked in the industry. I had a background in anatomy following my university degree, and I knew I wanted to work in a competitive environment.

“Smith & Nephew seemed like a great company to work for right from the interview, and I felt that I would be working with top people who I could learn from. I joined three years ago now, and that first impression still feels right. There’s a strong team atmosphere here, and I feel that the company really values its people. 

“Working in Trauma and Extremities sales is very varied and there’s not really a ‘normal’ day! The nature of trauma injuries means that you don’t really know what will be coming through a hospital’s doors each day, so I could have a packed day in just one hospital, supporting and meeting with surgical teams, or I could be visiting a number of hospitals throughout the day.

“You have to be quite flexible and agile with your plans which can be a challenge when it comes to planning your time. My team is very supportive and I’ve learned a lot from my more experienced colleagues, which has helped me to better manage my time and to be much more effective in the role.

“The trauma cases that I support are often incredibly complex. Seeing the skill of the surgeons working on those cases is phenomenal and there are times where I almost can’t believe what I’m seeing! The surgical teams I support really do change a patient’s life and having the opportunity to play a part in that is truly rewarding. It can be high-stress environment to work in, but I definitely get a lot of ‘fist-pump, yes!’ moments in this role!

“I have been in this role for a few years now, and throughout that time, the role has been constantly evolving. Sales with Smith & Nephew is about more than focussing on the features of a product. It’s about working with your customers to help them achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients and their hospitals.” 


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