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Territory Manager, Advanced Wound Devices, UK

"When I left university, I didn’t know what options were out there. I was working as an estate agent when a friend suggested medical devices to me; I haven’t looked back since! I joined Smith & Nephew in 2016 because I wanted to focus my efforts on a specific product range. Since joining, I have developed a genuine passion for my products; I really believe in what I’m selling.

"My team is really experienced and works well together, which made starting with Smith & Nephew easy. I felt comfortable and welcome and the team is really supportive! The company has such a friendly atmosphere and I feel that it listens to and appreciates different opinions.

"My days are very varied. For example, I could start my day by running a training session for nurses on the product before they go onto the ward, or by meeting with a group of surgeons to discuss cost effectiveness. This is often followed by meetings with specialist nurses discussing the wound care pathway, ward walking to ensure that those already using our products are comfortable with them, consultant appointments and at the end of the day recording my activity and making future appointments.

"I would say that you have to be very organised for this role, be able to plan quite far in advance and be flexible to your customers’ operating context.

“I think my favourite part of the job is the relationships that I’ve built up with customers. While I work in sales, this role is more than just a sales role. It’s about selling a whole concept and educating the customer so that they can reach their own decisions. The company provides such great tools to help us illustrate what we’re selling that I feel that I really am able to support my customers.

"If I had to summarise my experience of Smith & Nephew, I would say that I’m in a job I love, selling a product that I feel very passionate about. I’m working in a company that feels like a family and where I feel like I’m part of a bigger picture."


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