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Graduate Supply Chain Analyst
Memphis, TN, USA

"Supply Chain is a great part of the business to join. You get to be hands on and you get a holistic overview of the company."

Graduate Supply Chain Analyst Cody

"While I’ve always been interested in Supply Chain Management, I didn’t know much about Smith & Nephew until I attended an information session at my university. After hearing the company’s presentation and speaking to some of the employees, I started to feel that Smith & Nephew was going to be the best fit for me. They had a really clear view of where they wanted to be in the future and I felt that a role with the company would give me the kind of challenge I was looking for.

"Supply Chain is a great part of the business to join. You get to be hands on and you get a holistic overview of the company. The rotations on the graduate programme provide the opportunity to see different parts of the business.

"On starting at Smith & Nephew, I was handed a project that would allow me to work across multiple functions of the Supply Chain department. Initially I was working with some external consultants on it, but once they stepped back, I continued the project myself. It gave me the chance to develop my project management and planning skills, as well as allowing me to deal with issues that I hadn’t realised even existed. Throughout the project, I had the opportunity to present to and update my senior managers. I hadn’t anticipated having that opportunity so soon after graduating!

"So far I’ve had a great experience. The graduate programme has given me one challenge after another. The Supply Chain graduates have monthly ‘innovation lunches’ where we present an idea that we think will improve the business to the senior leadership. If they like the idea, we’re given the go-ahead to explore it further. I think it’s a really valuable opportunity and experience to have.

"The senior leadership are really behind the programme too. They see bringing in new talent, like graduates, as essential to the company’s growth. They’re always interested in new ideas that will help to improve the company and its processes.

"The work I do at Smith & Nephew is challenging but that makes it very rewarding. Being able to see the impact of the work I do is fantastic."


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