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New Product Development Sustaining Engineer, Hull

"The company seems very supportive of employee development and my team leader often suggests courses or opportunities for development that may fall outside of my direct responsibilities."

Graduate New Product Development Engineer Charlotte Baker

"I have lived in Hull all my life and I’ve grown up seeing the Smith & Nephew building; it’s a local landmark. I was attracted to Smith & Nephew partly because I’ve always been interested in biology and healthcare, and partly because Smith & Nephew has a real legacy for developing pioneering products. I also knew several people who already worked at the company and they all had good things to say about it.

"The team I work with were very welcoming when I started. I feel that I settled quickly and I have always felt comfortable asking questions.

"I’ve been here for a year now and I have quite a few highlights. I had the opportunity to travel to Germany as part of a project I was working on. I had only been with the company for a short time, so I felt trusted and very proud to be asked to represent the company; plus it felt like an adventure - I had never been to Germany before!

"Personal development is very strongly rooted in my department and my team leader often suggests courses or opportunities for development that may fall outside of my direct responsibilities.

"I love the sense of responsibility you get early on in this company. I was encouraged to make my own network of contacts and didn’t feel like I was being shadowed or micro-managed at all. I was also able to set some of my own deadlines. I feel that the company trusts me and I think my confidence has really improved as a result.

"What do I like about my job? All of it! I like the fact it’s fast-paced, every day is different and the team atmosphere is great. You don’t always know what’s coming round the corner but we all pull together, people are friendly and helpful, and they will always find the time if you need help. I go home at the end of the day with a sense of satisfaction and pride.   

"Right now I’m working on a new project to develop a brand new process that will enhance one of our products. In the next couple of years, I hope to see that product on the market. It’s a brilliant feeling to know that I will have been a part of it."