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Continuous Improvement Manager, Manufacturing and Operations Excellence, Memphis, TN, USA

“The focus is on ‘how we can’. I love the enthusiasm and optimism of our young professionals!”

Angela Blackburn graduate program manager

"I first joined the company a year ago as an engineer at our Memphis site. Looking around the site, I realised how many young professionals there were like me and I was keen to build up a network where we could share ideas, experiences and support.

"I got together with two colleagues and together we developed the ‘Young Professionals Organisation’. It brings together graduates andnew starters, as well as more experienced employees with the aim of providing networking and career development opportunities. The first meeting in Memphis was attended by over 150 young professionals and the network has grown globally from there!

"And it’s not just the young professionals themselves who have engaged with this initiative. I’ve been really impressed by the willingness of our senior people to support it.

"I am now in a new role, managing the graduate engineer programme and there have been quite a few highlights for me. For example, I have been running round-table discussions with our young engineers around the world recently. The focus is on ‘how we can’. I love the enthusiasm and optimism of our young professionals!

"My main ambition is to continue engaging, inspiring and educating people – helping them to embrace the opportunities they are given and the challenges that come with them.

"I take great pride in creating an environment where young professionals can reach their full potential and I enjoy assisting them in turning their great ideas into action."