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Getting to know us

Our Company

For more than 150 years, Smith & Nephew has developed advanced medical technology for healthcare professionals around the world. Our pioneering products enable nurses, surgeons and other medical practitioners to provide effective treatment more quickly and economically.

Smith & Nephew operates in markets driven by ageing demographics and technology's ability to enable patients to live longer and enjoy more active lives. With the help of our innovative solutions, patients enjoy effective treatment leading to improved quality of life.

Our Business

Our product franchises Orthopaedic Reconstruction, Advanced Wound Management, Sports Medicine  & Trauma are at the forefront of innovation, delivering products that enable our customers to meet the needs of their patients

Our global infrastructure continues to expand each year and through substantial investment in research and development we develop new products and services.  We are pround of our track record of bringing innovative new products to market that provide better clinical outcomes for patients and save costs for healthcare providers

Growth Markets

Our three main areas of the business are focused upon markets that are already substantial and offer significant growth potential, fuelled by the following factors:

Ageing populations worldwide

On average, people are living longer. To retain a high quality of life well into their later years, they are more likely to need joint replacement, advanced wound care and treatment for other conditions.

An increasing trend towards minimally invasive surgery

New tools and techniques are enabling surgeons to operate more effectively and carry out procedures that were not previously possible. Crucially, patients experience less trauma and recover faster.

More informed patients demand improved treatments

The more that modern healthcare can promise people, the more they expect of it - a cycle that is stimulating demand and innovation.

Greater product innovation and sophistication

The key to satisfying the needs of patients and the medical profession is to develop technically advanced technologies that offer new treatment possibilities, thereby expanding the market - as Smith & Nephew is committed to doing.

Close to customers and patients

To help patients regain their lives more quickly and fully, we work with healthcare professionals on emerging new technologies and techniques. Our world-class, specialised sales force provides frontline support to our customers and enables us to gain greater understanding of their needs. This commitment is underpinned by a unique range of education and product training programmes designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Strong relationships with healthcare professionals are fundamental to our business. To earn their trust and confidence we know we must always behave with absolute integrity.

Research and development

Our business strategy is based on researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing technically innovative and advanced medical devices. Our dedicated R&D facilities in the UK, USA, India and China provide specialised skills and resources. Our direct contacts with healthcare providers are a vital link in the chain. Clinicians' views of their present and future needs provide essential impetus for our own research work.


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