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Cementless Stem System


Product Information


Reinforced proximal section

  • Improves metaphyseal stability

Shorter and narrow distal section

  • Provides ease of insertion and stem positioning
  • Reduces the risk of thigh pain and stress shielding


Product portfolio

  • Standard and lateral version available

Instrument set

  • Simple and user friendly instrumentation for all surgical approaches


  • Offset of the lateral stems is increased by 3.5 mm compared to the standard stem to better reconstruct the hip biomechanics
  • The lateral stems also have a varus deviation of 2.5 mm in relation to the vertical stem axis to better restore the anatomy and to stabilize the muscle tensor fasciae latae

Minimized subsidence

  • Beveled, end-to-end grooves perpendicular to the load axis for optimal load distribution

Increased rotational stability

  • Distal grooves are in reverse to the rotational axis


The POLARSTEM Standard and Lateral Femoral Stems with Ti/HA are indicated for:

  • Advanced degeneration of the hip joint as a result of degenerative, post-traumatic or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Fracture or avascular necrosis of the femoral head
  • Failure of previous hip surgery: joint reconstruction, internal fixation, arthrodesis, hemiarthroplasty, surface replacement arthroplasty, or total hip replacement
  • All forms of osteoarthritis
  • Patients with hips at risk of dislocation
  • Femoral neck fracture or proximal fracture to hip joint.

The POLARSTEM Standard and Lateral Femoral Stem with Ti/HA is intended for single use
only and is to be implanted without bone cement.

 Download the POLARSTEM Surgical Technique