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Modular Hip System

Product Information

The EMPERION Modular Hip System is the next step in hip evolution: a simpler yet more versatile hip system that delivers enhanced performance. The EMPERION Modular Hip System accomplishes this by building on a proven design concept with modern, innovative technology.

Advanced simplicity - The ultimate in versatility

The comprehensive implants of the EMPERION Modular Hip System are designed to address the sizing needs of nearly any femur, thereby restoring the natural kinematics of the patient's hip.

• An effective implant for both primary and revision procedures

• Addresses proximal/distal mismatch.

• Titanium Press-fit Modular Stem providing infinite version control.

• Available in three stem lengths: primary, standard revision, long revision (bowed).

• Two offset options for both primary and standard revision stems.

• Two calcar options for standard revision stems: neutral and +10.

• Three calcar options for long revision (bowed) stems: neutral, +10 and +20.

• Two sleeve lengths: 40mm and 60mm

• Up to 16 different proximal sleeve options for each stem size.

• Proximal sleeves have an HA on RoughCoat Porous Coating.

• Easy-to-use, color-coded instrumentation.

• Circulotrapezoidal neck provides greater ROM (Range of Motion) and can lead to less dislocations.

Combining proven design with innovative technology, the EMPERION Modular Hip System is a simpler, more versatile hip system that delivers enhanced performance.

Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Hip anatomy varies from patient to patient. The EMPERION Modular Hip System has been designed to address the different anatomical variants that a surgeon may encounter during either primary or revision hip arthroplasty.


The EMPERION Modular Hip System is designed with a polished cylindrical stem, optimized neck geometry, progressive offset options, distal flutes, coronal slot and a polished bullet tip. Thus, the EMPERION stem design is intended to promote stem stability while minimizing stress-shielding, micromotion, stiffness and thigh pain.

The sizing and terminology of the EMPERION stems were planned with simplicity in mind. The instruments are designed to allow you to implant the same size stem as the last reamer used. Thus, if the surgeon reams to 15 millimeters then a size 15 stem should be implanted. Each stem is oversized by 0.5mm as compared to the final reamer size in order to achieve an appropriate press-fit. The entire technique and procedure is then based off the distal stem diameter. The EMPERION stems are available in sizes ranging from nine to 23 millimeters in two-millimeter increments. For most stem sizes, there are three stem lengths available: primary, standard revision, and long revision.

Each primary stem has two different offsets available. However, because of the special needs in revision procedures, the revision stems are only available with the high offset option. In addition, the revision stems have a neutral proximal body option and a +10 calcar replacement option. The long revision stems have a neutral option, a +10, and a +20 calcar replacement option available.

Note: The primary length stems can be used in revision surgeries, if you determine it is appropriate. 2


Each sleeve is designed with a tapered porous surface. The outer porous coating is covered with a hydroxyapatite (HA) layer, also known as POROUS PLUS™ HA.


Although modularity increases the available intraoperative options, many times it also increases the system complexity. However, the EMPERION Modular Hip System keeps
it simple. This simplicity continues with sleeve options and terminology.

The EMPERION system has two sleeve length options available: a 40mm sleeve length (standard) and a 60mm sleeve length (tall). The tall sleeve extends further distally into the femoral canal thereby achieving fixation over a larger area that extends into the femoral diaphysis. This may be useful in revision situations where bone loss prevents adequate fixation from being achieved in the more proximal femur.

POROUS PLUS HA coating uses RoughCoat porous coating technology with an HA application.

RoughCoat porous coating
The sintered-bead RoughCoat porous coating, manufactured from commercially pure titanium, has demonstrated several advantages over plasma-sprayed or simple textured surfaces:
• The irregularly layered beads of the RoughCoat porous coating enhance the 3-D interlock of the prosthesis.
• Studies have shown stems with sintered beads result in two to three times less polyethelene wear in the acetabular component than stems with plasma sprayed surfaces. 1
• Sintered beads have been shown to have greater bond strength than plasma-sprayed surfaces or diffusion bonded wire surfaces. 2,3,4
Mechanical testing has shown the optimal pore size for bone ingrowth to be between 50 and 400 microns. 5 The pore size of the RoughCoat porous coating on the EMPERION Modular Hip System is 200 microns.

A 50-micron thick layer of HA is applied to the RoughCoat porous coating. A thinner HA layer can be discontinuous and cause a loss of mechanical integrity. Conversely, a thicker coating is likely to have lower attachment strength, leading to cracking and delamination under fatigue loads. The optimum thickness of HA has been shown to be 50 microns. 6,7

For detailed information download the EMPERION Design Rationale.

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EMPERION Indications

Indications for use of the EMPERION Modular Hip System include individuals undergoing primary and revision surgery where other treatments or devices have failed in rehabilitating hips damaged as a result of Trauma or noninflammatory degenerative joint disease (NIDJD) including:
• Osteoarthritis
• Avascular necrosis
• Traumatic arthritis
• Slipped capital epiphysis
• Fused hip
• Fracture of the pelvis and diastrophic variant

Modular hip components are also indicated for inflammatory degenerative joint disease Including:
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Arthritis secondary to a variety of diseases and anomalies and congenital dysplasia
• Treatments of non-union
• Femoral neck fracture
• Trochanteric fractures of the proximal femur with head involvement that are unmanageable using other techniques
• Endoprosthesis
• Femoral osteotomy
• Girdlestone resection
• Fracturedislocation of the hip
• Correction of deformity

Download the EMPERION Surgical Technique




Can you set the anteversion with the long stems? If so, how is it done?
Like any bowed stem, the anteversion will be determined by the anatomy of the femur. To compensate for this, the EMPERION long bowed revision stem has 15 degrees of anteversion built into the implant.

What is the smallest size stem available for the EMPERION system?
Size 9 Primary stem and size 11 Revision stem

Can the bowed revision stems be used with the tall sleeves?
Yes, the tall sleeves can be used with the bowed revision

Can you use a standard stem with a tall sleeve?
Yes, completely interchangeable

Do we offer any stems with a different neck angle?
All EMPERION stems have a 131 degree neck angle

Is there a press-fit stem longer than a 260mm?
The longest EMPERION stems are the long bowed revision, sizes 17-23 which are 260mm

Do we have a modular stem with offset options?
The EMPERION primary has Standard Offset and High Offset. The revision stem is High Offset

How long are the standard revision stems?
Size 11 - 180mm, sizes 13 & 15 - 190mm, sizes 17-23 - 200mm


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