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Sports Medicine

Our Sports Medicine Joint Repair franchise offers surgeons a broad array of instruments, technologies and implants necessary to perform minimally invasive surgery of the joints, including the repair of soft tissue injuries and degenerative conditions of the knee, hip and shoulder:

  • specialised devices and fixation systems to repair damaged tissue;
  • fluid management equipment for surgical access;
  • digital cameras, digital image capture, scopes, light sources and monitors to assist with visualisation;
  • radiofrequency wands, electromechanical and mechanical blades, and
  • hand instruments for resecting damaged tissue.

Our franchise operates in a large, growing market where unmet clinical needs lend room for procedural and technological innovation. Smith & Nephew is well positioned both to innovate and to reach customers globally.


Acquisition of Arthrocare

ArthroCare logoRecently, our position within the global Sports Medicine joint repair market was strengthened significantly with the acquisition of ArthroCare Corporation. The transaction added technology and highly complementary products to our existing portfolio, including new shoulder anchor innovation. 


Key Sports Medicine surgical products from Smith & Nephew

FASTFIX 360Key products in this franchise include the FAST-FIX family of meniscal repair systems, the ENDOBUTTON family for knee ligament reconstruction, HEALICOIL PK, FOOTPRINT PK and TWINFIX Suture anchors for repairs of the hip and rotator cuff.

In 2015, Smith & Nephew launched its Q-FIX◊ All-suture anchor for procedures like rotator cuff repair in the shoulder and labral repair in the shoulder and hip, all procedures in which anatomic space is very limited. The new anchor delivers performance characteristics that meet or exceed those of much larger, hard anchors.

Key products in resection are the wide range of DYONICS shaver blades, ACUFEX handheld instruments, and a range of radiofrequency (“RF”) probes. The DYONICS PLATINUM Series Shaver Blades, launched in 2011, are single-use blades that provide superior resection, debris evacuation and sharpness.

bioraptor curvedOther recent innovations include the BIORAPTOR and OSTEORAPTOR◊ CURVED Guide Systems for Shoulder that optimise anchor placement, helping surgeons to overcome the challenges associated with instability repair. The systems provide increased access to the repair site in the glenohumeral joint, improve the trajectory of drilling and lead to optimised anchor placement in glenoid bone which helps surgeons operate with confidence.

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