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Medical Term Glossary

ABPI Definition

Ankle-Brachial Pressure Index

A measurement of arterial pressure (often performed using a doppler ultrasound) which indicates the presence or absence of arterial occlusion. Used to eliminate arterial disease involvement in venous leg ulcer therapy.
Values below 0.8 generally imply some arterial occlusion and contra-indicate high compression.

ABPI = Arterial Pressure at Ankle / (divided by) brachial artery pressure
Abscess Definition

Localised collection of pus in any part of the body
Acute Wound Definition

Acute Wound
May be planned or unplanned event and healing proceeds in orderly and timely manner.

Eg - surgical incision, trauma, skin tear, abrasion, laceration.
Altered Tissue Perfusion Definition

Altered Tissue Perfusion
When oxygenated blood does not flow freely through vessels to tissues
Anaerobe Definition

A micro organism that lives and grows in the absence of free oxygen.
Autolysis Definition

Disintegration or liquification of tissue or cells by the body's own mechanisms (leukocytes or enzymes); as in autolytic debridement.