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VERSAJET Precision to Preserve

Precision to Preserve

Conventional surgical excision

Conventional surgical excision

VERSAJET excision

Versajet excision

Achieving maximum tissue preservation

VERSAJET tissue preservation 1a VERSAJET tissue preservation 1b Tissue loss
Centripetal debridement: Stage IV sacral decubitus ulcer before (1a) and after (1b) conventional surgical excision 6
VERSAJET tissue preservation 2a VERSAJET tissue preservation 2b

Tissue preservation
Centrifugal debridement: Chronic lower extremity ulcer before (2a) and after (2b) precise VERSAJET excision 6


Adapted from Abernathie B, Granick MS. J Wound Technol. 2009;5:10-11.


Precisely control the depth of debridement 7

Tangential excision (Goulian knife, 10 guard) Excises at an average depth
of 750μm 7

Enables precise excision at a minimum
depth of 50μm 7