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Tenodesis System

Product Info

Keeping it Simple with BICEPTOR Tenodesis System

The BICEPTOR Tenodesis System brings an efficient and adaptable approach to repairing the biceps tendon. Requiring fewer procedural steps, the BICEPTOR Tenodesis System has been designed to accommodate fully arthroscopic or mini-open biceps tendon repair and utilizes Smith and Nephew's BIOSURE PK Interference Screws.

  • Fewer procedural steps mean more efficient use of your time 
  • No whipstitching of tendon means a sutureless repair 
  • Ability to cut tendon in last step means less guesswork and more control over tensioning 
  • Strong pullout strength means confidence in procedure

Arthroscopic biceps tendon repair

  • Injured tendon remains inside the body during repair; conventional technique requires tendon to be pulled outside the body 
  • No exteriorizing of tendon; system designed to facilitate a truly arthroscopic repair

Mini-open biceps tendon repair

  • System designed to accommodate mini-open procedures; necessary tools included for arthroscopic or mini-open repair

Interference screws

  • BIOSURE PK Interference Screws incorporate PEEK-OPTIMA® polymer from Invibio® 
  • With a modulus similar to cortical bone, PEEK-OPTIMA® polymer exhibits an ideal combination of strength, stiffness and toughness together with extensive biocompatibility

Ordering Info

Biceps Tenodesis Repair System

Reference # Description
72202299 7 mm x 15 mm BICEPTOR Repair Kit

72202300 8 mm x 15 mm BICEPTOR Repair Kit

72202301 9 mm x 15 mm BICEPTOR Repair Kit

72202357 7 mm x 25 mm BICEPTOR Repair Kit

72202358 8 mm x 25 mm BICEPTOR Repair Kit

72202359 9 mm x 25 mm BICEPTOR Repair Kit

(Kit includes: Interference screw, 1.5 mm Guide Pin, 2.4 Drill Tip Pin)

Reference # Description

72202302 Instrumentation Set


72202190 BICEPTOR Driver

72202193 7 mm Tendon fork

72202192 8 mm Tendon fork

72202191 9 mm Tendon fork

72202194 Bi-grip pin puller

72202198 7 mm Endoscopic drill XL

72202297 8 mm Endoscopic drill XL

72202298 9 mm Endoscopic drill XL

72202195 7 mm BICEPTOR Tap

72202196 8 mm BICEPTOR Tap

72202197 9 mm BICEPTOR Tap

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