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Patient Positioning


SPIDER2 Limb Positioner
The SPIDER2 Limb Positioner allows proper patient positioning for shoulder, knee and small joint arthroscopy. This second generation positioner provides a steady position from start to finish and is based on years of surgeon feedback. Integrated power helps to rid a surgeon of tedious manual adjustments and readjustments during surgery, while the Advanced Sterile Switch Drape with Distal Activation Button eliminates the need for an optional foot pedal.

T-MAX Beach Chair
The T-MAX Beach Chair Shoulder Positioner provides ideal access, adjustability, and stability for Beach Chair shoulder procedures. Designed to attach to the rails of almost any OR Table, the T-MAX Beach Chair allows for ideal head positioning with tilt, rotation, and forward slide adjustments, while the sliding shoulder pad gives access to the surgical site.

Hip Positioning System with Active Heel™ Technology
The Hip Positioning System can be configured for use in both supine and lateral arthroscopic procedures of the central compartment by allowing for abduction, adduction, flexion and distraction of a patient’s leg. During procedures related to the peripheral and lateral compartments, quick disconnect of the patient’s foot from the hip positioning system enables dynamic assessment of the hip. System Configurations can be customized by technique and/or surgeon preference.

Western Elbow Positioner
The Western Elbow Positioner fits into any Clark Clamp and provides ideal access, adjustability, and stability for lateral and prone elbow procedures. The double swivel design of the vertical bar provides optimal positioning and access, while the tilt and rotation of the Support Pad helps to reduce pressure points on the arm.

Wrist Tower
The Wrist Tower is easy to set up, allows for ulnar and radial deviation and adjusts without using weights to apply distraction of up to 30 lbs. Providing ideal stability during arthroscopic procedures of the hand and wrist, the Wrist Tower offers a low-profile design helping to ensure ideal C-arm access.

GUHL Non-Invasive Ankle Distractor
Designed for non-invasive ankle distraction procedures including ankle arthrodesis, lateral ankle ligament staple repair, ankle arthroscopy and foot arthroscopy. The GUHL distractor is easy to set up and adjust while facilitating gross distraction within a sterile field.

Ferkel™ Thigh Holder
The FERKEL Thigh Holder stabilizes the thigh and provides the necessary counter-traction needed for ankle arthroscopy procedures. Designed to complement the GUHL Non-Invasive Ankle Distractor, the FERKEL Thigh Holder clamps to the bedrail of a surgical table and is used with disposable pads for easy cleanup.

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