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Hip Repair Instruments


Efficiently cut multiple high-strength sutures with Suture Cutter XL and Suture Cutter Flush XL - instruments specially designed and sized to access the hip joint.

Suture Cutter XL

  • Efficiently cuts sutures while leaving a tail for knotted suture anchor applications
  • Extra-long length for easy access to joint space

Suture Cutter Flush XL

  • Effectively cuts sutures flushly and is ideal for knotless suture anchor applications
  • Easily loaded inside or outside of joint space

Ergonomic instruments with the comfortable feel and intuitive design you have come to expect from our ACUFEX™ brand.

Our full range of procedure-enabling hip instruments has been designed and sized for effectively performing microfracture, rasping, cutting and more. Conveniently packaged in a newly designed instrument tray, the HIPSTRUMENTS Hip Arthroscopy Repair System includes:



Ref. #       Description
72203228 HIPSTRUMENTS System

System includes:
72202732 Hip Arthroscopy Repair Instrument Tray
72202119 Microfracture Pick XL, 30°
72202120 Microfracture Pick XL, 45°
72202210 Microfracture Pick XL, 60°
72202583 Open Curette XL 4.5 mm
72202584 Open Curette XL 6 mm Reverse Cut
72202588 Suture Cutter XL
72203052 Suture Cutter Flush XL
7210758   Banana Knife
72202628 Elevator XL
72202629 Rasp XL
72202587 Knot Pusher XL
72202683 ARTHRO-PIERCE™ XL Instrument
7209145   Crochet Hook

HIPSTRUMENTS tray can also house these instruments:
72201110 2.3 mm Inline Drill Guide, Spike Tip
72201107 2.3 mm Obturator, Cannulated
72201388 2.9 mm Drill Guide, Spike Tip
72201393 2.9 mm Obturator, Cannulated
72200442 8.5x110 mm Obturator, CLEAR-TRAC™ Cannula System
72200445 7x110 mm Obturator, CLEAR-TRAC

BEAVER® Blade:
72203307 BEAVER Blades, sterile, disposable Box of 6
72203308 BEAVER Handle and Wrench, reusable



White Paper: The Effect of Labral Repair and Resection on Hip Cartilage Compression
by Laura L. Greaves, MASc

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