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Surgical Imaging System


Impressive 4K UHD image1 quality and network connectivity in a 3-in-1 console for multispecialty environments

The LENS 4K Surgical Imaging System is a surgical video platform with the latest 4K technology designed for sports medicine and multispecialty centers for use in arthroscopic and endoscopic procedures to maximize your overall investment.

Benefits of LENS 4K

  • Four times the pixel resolution of HD and over 1 billion colors create vivid images and color reproduction2
  • Newly designed, ergonomic 4K camera head1
  • 4K UHD native Smith+Nephew's proprietary 3-CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) sensor designed to reduce artifacts and optimize resolution
  • Improved Smith+Nephew proprietary 4K real-time image processing designed to reduce flare and enhanced depth of field
  • Control camera functions and image management outside the sterile field with the LENS Tablet Application
  • Flexible integration and connectivity options to support your unique workflow



1. Smith & Nephew 2019. LENS 4K user needs design validation. 15008697 B.
2. Smith & Nephew 2019. LENS 4K image quality test. 15007295 A.
3. Smith & Nephew 2019. LENS 4K camera head functionality post sterilization andmechanical stress design verification. 15006059 A.


Not all 4K is alike

The LENS 4K system combines the latest in 4K (UHD) 3-CMOS sensor technology with our proprietary image and light processing algorithms maximized for surgical applications. This combination results in clarity and realistic colors. 

CMOS camera designs require precision when aligning each of the three sensors to optimize processing for red, green and blue (RGB) pixels. LENS 4K uses proprietary processing to align the red, green & blue images from the 3 sensors designed to produce rich color depth and image sharpness even when zooming into a region of interest.

Unlike single-sensor surgical camera solutions, which may lead to inaccurate colors or resolution degradation, the LENS 4K system uses native 4K processing, retaining full RGB pixels to capture subtle color differences. For example, visualize a bright white condyle or hue variations in the anatomy in the foreground, while maintaining a crisp view of the darker background.

Standard HD resolution*


LENS 4K resolution


*simulated image


LENS 4K Camera Control Unit

Minimize equipment without compromising on the deployment options you need.

LENS 4K Camera Head

Ergonomics and balance in your hand for arthroscopy, and endoscopic surgeries.



Extend your reach beyond the surgical field

The LENS Tablet Application brings camera control and image management outside of the sterile field for optimal flexibility, providing staff control over camera settings, image captures, video and audio during procedures. Navigation is designed to be intuitive using the well known Apple iOS user interface and customer-supplied tablet with the LENS Tablet application. Post surgery, you can create customized reports to facilitate patient communication using your existing e-mail server or AirPrint.

The LENS 4K CCU may also connect to your health system network for sharing reports, images and video with third-party systems such as electronic medical record (EMR), PACS or other clinical systems.

PDF Report Customization

  • Patient-specific report can include hospital logo, notes, direction and several images
  • Available for free with product purchase at the Apple App Store

Auto Print Functionality

Automatically print during the operative use mode as images are acquired

  • Fully printed report can be available at the end of the case with little or no wait during the postoperative phase


  • E-mail images, videos and reports directly to the patient, office or colleagues

PACS compatibility via Integration Broker

  • Direct connection into the hospital’s PACS system with additional software
  • Pull worklist data directly into the system each day to save time and potentially minimize errors

Consultation with patients or colleagues

  • Use the app to share data with colleagues and patients via email
  • Save images and video for use in presentations

Ordering Information

Wi-Fi Camera Control Units

Reference #            Description

72205211             LENS 4K CCU, US (Wi-Fi Version)
72205212             LENS 4K CCU, German (Wi-Fi Version)
72205213             LENS 4K CCU, Spanish (Wi-Fi Version)
72205214             LENS 4K CCU, French (Wi-Fi Version)
72205215             LENS 4K CCU, Swedish (Wi-Fi Version)
72205216             LENS 4K CCU, Portuguese (Wi-Fi Version)
72205217             LENS 4K CCU, Danish (Wi-Fi Version)
72205218             LENS 4K CCU, Norwegian (Wi-Fi Version)
72205219             LENS 4K CCU, Dutch (Wi-Fi Version)
72205220             LENS 4K CCU, Korean (Wi-Fi Version)
72205221             LENS 4K CCU, Italian (Wi-Fi Version)
72205222             LENS 4K CCU, International (Wi-Fi Version)
72205224             LENS 4K CCU, UK (Wi-Fi Version) 

Non-Wi-Fi Camera Control Units

Reference #            Description

72205239             LENS 4K CCU, US (Non-Wi-Fi)
72205240             LENS 4K CCU, German (Non-Wi-Fi)
72205241             LENS 4K CCU, Spanish (Non-Wi-Fi)
72205242             LENS 4K CCU, French (Non-Wi-Fi)
72205243             LENS 4K CCU, Italian (Non-Wi-Fi)
72205244             LENS 4K CCU, Swedish (Non-Wi-Fi)
72205245             LENS 4K CCU, Portuguese (Non-Wi-Fi)
72205246             LENS 4K CCU, Danish (Non-Wi-Fi)
72205247             LENS 4K CCU, Norwegian, (Non-Wi-Fi)
72205248             LENS 4K CCU, Dutch, (Non-Wi-Fi)
72205249             LENS 4K CCU, Korean (Non-Wi-Fi)
72205250             LENS 4K CCU, International (Non-Wi-Fi)
72205252             LENS 4K CCU, UK, (Non-Wi-Fi)


Reference #            Description

72205343             LENS 4K Camera Head, USA
72205344             LENS 4K Camera Head, International


Reference #            Description

72200315             LENS Coupler, 19.5mm
72200422             LENS Coupler, 26.5mm

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