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Grants & Sponsorship for Healthcare Professionals

Smith+Nephew is dedicated to helping healthcare professionals improve the quality of care for patients and we are proud to support the professional development of surgeons and nurses by supporting their participation in further training and education.

To ensure that we take an ethical and transparent approach to business at all times and to be in line with industry codes, we have introduced a global policy that defines our approach to providing educational grants and sponsorship.

How we provide sponsorship

As member of MedTech, Smith+Nephew is not able to provide direct sponsorship to individual healthcare professionals to attend Third Party Organised Conferences taking place from 1 January 2018. If you are a healthcare professional and you want to apply for sponsorship to attend an event, please:

  • Contact your healthcare organisation to apply for a grant to Smith+Nephew, or
  • Contact the society organising the educational event or ask your healthcare organisation to contact this society, who may then apply for a grant to Smith+Nephew.

A healthcare organisation or medical society can apply for indirect sponsorship to cover support for a defined number of healthcare professionals to attend an educational event. A grant request template is available on demand. The healthcare organisation or medical society should contact the local Smith+Nephew Professional Education Department to obtain the grant request form. When completed and signed, the form and required supporting documentation should be emailed to:

  • (for grant requests submitted by European or international medical society)
  • Your local Professional Education contact at Smith+Nephew in the country where you are based (for grant requests submitted by local/national medical society or for requests from healthcare institutions to support healthcare professionals to attend conferences organised by local/national societies)

For more information about grants to healthcare professionals, please see MedTech Europe's Code of Ethical Business Practice.