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May 12-16, 2019

Overview and Focus Products

International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery & Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

Cancun International Convention Center (Cancun ICC)
Boulevard Kukulcán KM.9
1er Piso, ZonaHotelera
77500 Cancún, Q. Roo | MEXICO

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Focus Products

COBLATION FLOW 90 with FLOW~IQ Technology

REGENETEN Bioinductive Implant

FIRSTPASS Mini Suture Passer

NAVIO Surgical System

JOURNEY II Total Knee Arthroplasty


In-Booth Presentations

In-booth Presentations

Sunday, May 12   
15:00 – 15:30
Disrupting Rotator Cuff Disease with Advanced Biologics Using the REGENETEN Bioinductive Implant 
Faculty: Michael Freehill (USA)

Monday, May 13  
09:00 – 09:30
Advances in Glenoid Bone Loss Treatment with Distal Tibia Graft and ENDOBUTTON Fixation
Faculty: Ivan Wong (CAN)

15:50 – 15:30
Treating cartilage defects in the knee utilizing a liquid bioscaffold
Faculty: Martyn Snow (UK)

Tuesday, May 14  
09:00 – 09:30
Meniscal Repair in 2019: Advances in all-inside, all-suture technology. A case-based review.
Faculty: Seth Sherman (USA)

15:00 – 15:30
Versatile Options for Hip Labral Repair -Q-FIX, SUTUREFIX, MICRORAPTOR REGENESORB
Faculty: Guillaume Dumont (USA)

Wednesday, May 15  
09:00 – 09:30
Utility and pitfalls of bioabsorbable implant for BTB ACL-R
Faculty: Yasuyuki Ishibashi (JPN)

3:00-3:30 pm
Understanding Bi-Cruciate Retaining TKA with the NAVIO Surgical System
Faculty: Paul Schwartz (USA)

Surgical Demos

Surgial Demonistrations

Sunday, May 12

9:00 – 9:45 Gran Cancun
Anatomical Variation of ACL as Related to Reconstruction
Presenter: Freddie Fu (USA)
Moderator: Frank A. Cordasco, (USA)

9:45 – 10:30 Cozumel 1+5
First Time Shoulder Dislocation; Arthroscopic vs. Open
Presenter: Philippe Landreau (UAE)
Moderator: Vicente Gutierrez (Chile)

14:15 – 14:45 Cozumel 3+4
Meniscal Root Repair
Presenter: Robert F. LaPrade (USA)
Moderator: Sachin R. Tapasvi (IND)

Monday, May 13

11:00 – 12:00  Cozumel 3+4
How to Perform a Safe and Reproducible PCL Reconstruction
Alan Getgood (CAN)

14:15 – 15:00  Gran Cancun
Arthroscopic Latarjet  
Ivan Wong (CAN)

16:15 – 17:00  Cozumel 2+A
Arthroscopic Hip Labral Reconstruction
Marc Philippon (USA)

17:00 – 17:45  Cozumel 2+A
Glueteus Medius  
J.W. Thomas Byrd (USA)

Tuesday, May 14

13:30 – 14:00  Gran Cancun
How to Perform Extra Articular Tenodesis
Eivind Inderhaug (NOR)

15:30 – 16:15  Gran Cancun
How to Surgically Manage the Medial Structures Around the Knee
Martin Lind (DEN)

16:15 – 16:45  Gran Cancun
Posterior Lateral Corner Reconstruction
Scott Faucett (USA)

Wednesday, May 15

13:30 – 14:15  Gran Cancun
Robotic-Assisted Bi-Cruciate Retaining Total Knee Replacement

14:15 – 15:00  Cozumel 1+5
Improving Healing for Massive Rotator Cuff Repair
Felix H. Savoie III (USA)


Lunchtime Workshops

Lunchtime Workshops

Sunday, May 12 

Room: Gran Cancun/General Session Room

Saving the meniscus: Suturing it back together – Different tears require different repairs

Charles Brown, (UAE) and Alan Getgood (CAN)

Clinically relevant anatomy for meniscus repair - Tim Spalding (UK)
Panel: Ryosuke Kuroda (UPN) Tim Spalding (UK), Tim Lording (AUS), Rodrigo Maestu (ARG)

Case Presentations                   
Case 1: Longitudinal medial meniscus tear
Demo: How to improve exposure in the medial compartment: MCL pie crusting
Peter Verdonk (BEL)
Tricks and tips of all-inside meniscal repair            
Sachin Tapasvi (IND)

Case 2: Bucket handle tear medial meniscus 
Video: Inside-out medial meniscus repair with fibrin clot augmentation 
Charles Brown (UAE)

Case 3: Radial tear lateral meniscus

  • Repair radial tear lateral meniscus with NovoStitch Pro Meniscal Repair system - Seth Sherman (USA)
  • Inside-out repair "Tie-Grip" technique - Al Getgood (CAN)                         

Case 4: Horizontal cleavage tear     
Charles Brown (UAE)
Video: Repair horizontal cleavage tear with  circumferential compression sutures
Seth Sherman (USA)

Case 5: Lateral meniscus root tears         
Charles Brown (UAE)
Demo: LM root repair with FirstPass Mini and UltraTape 
Al Getgood (CAN)
Robert LaPrade (USA

Monday, May 13
Room: Gran Cancun/General Session Room

Advanced Healing Solutions for Shoulder Pathologies
Moderator: Kevin Plancher (USA)
Faculty: Philippe Landreau (UAE), Ivan Wong (CAN), Michael Freehill (USA), Ettore Taverna (ITA)

Opportunities for treating shoulder instability due to glenoid bone loss

  • Mini-open Latarjet with screws - Philippe Landreau (UAE)
  • Value of treating glenoid bone loss arthroscopically with suspension fixation - Ettore Taverna (ITA)
  • Advanced techniques for arthroscopic bone block & advances in all-suture soft tissue repair - Ivan Wong (CAN)

Treating rotator cuff repairs with advanced healing

  • Using REGENETEN for partial thickness tears rotator cuff repairs - Kevin Plancher (USA)
  • Treating full thickness tears with advanced healing techniques - Michael Freehill (USA

Tuesday, May 14  
Room: Cozumel 2+A

Partials to Bi-Cruciate Retaining TKA: Reasons I Choose to Use a Robotic-assisted Solution
Paul Schwartz (USA)
Sebastien Lustig (FRA)

Tuesday, May 14  
Room: Cozumel 3+4

Global Perspective on Hip Arthroscopy – Challenging cases and how we’ve managed them

Moderator: Rodrigo Mardones - (Chile)

  • Acetabular Labral Repair – Knotless vs Knotted Implants - Rodrigo Mardones (Chile)
  • Hip Instability & Capsular Management - Soshi Uchida (Japan)
  • Hip Abductor Tears & Treatment - Anil Ranawat (USA)
  • Hip Arthroscopy Outcomes: Evaluation of what’s changed over the evolution of surgical treatment options - Marc Philippon (USA)


Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Room: Grand Cancun
Time: 12:00 – 1:30

Saving the meniscus: Suturing it back together – Different tears require different repairs

Moderators: Charles H Brown Jr (UAE), Alan Getgood, (CAN)
Clinically relevant anatomy for meniscus repair: Tim Spalding (UK)
Panel: Romain Seil (LUX), Scott Faucett, (USA), Jorge Chahla (USA), Ryosuke Kuroda (JPN)

Longitudinal medial meniscus tear: Peter Verdonk (BEL)

How to improve exposure in the medial compartment: MCL pie-crusting
All-inside repair with FAST-FIX meniscal repair system: Peter Verdonk (BEL)
Bucket handle tear medial meniscus: Charles Brown (UAE)
Inside-out medial meniscus repair with fibrin clot augmentation: Charles Brown (UAE)

Radial tear lateral meniscus: Seth Sherman (USA)
Horizontal cleavage tear: Charles Brown (UAE)
Inside-out repair horizontal cleavage tear with fibrin clot: Charles Brown (UAE)
Meniscal root tears: Charles Brown (UAE)
Medial meniscus root tear                
Medial meniscus root repair with FIRSTPASS* MINI and ULTRABRADE* Tape

Lateral meniscus root tear: Scott Faucett (USA) 
2-tunnel lateral meniscus root repair with FIRSTPASS MINI and ULTRABRAID Tape


Wednesday, May 15
Room: Gran Cancun/General Session Room

Reconstruct with Confidence
Moderators: Charles Brown (UAE) and Alan Getgood (CAN)

ACL Graft Selection: What’s in your bag?

  • Bone-patellar tendon-bone autograft - Andy Williams (UK)
  • Hamstring tendon autograft - Patrick Yung (HKG)
  • Quadriceps tendon autograft - Martin Lind (DK)


Surgical Demonstrations

The ACL femoral tunnel - More than one way to skin a cat
Demo 1: Anteromedial portal drilling – tricks that I use                 
Charles Brown (UAE)

Case Presentation 1: 16 year old male student attending Barcelona Football Academy with an in-season ACL tear.                     
Alan Getgood (CAN)

Discussion points:

  • Graft selection
  • Role for extra articular procedure
  • Return to sport

Demo 2: Outside-in femoral tunnel drilling          
Darren Johnson (USA)
Luigi Pederzini (ITA)

The ACL: I get by with a little help from my friends
Introduction: The ACL does not work alone                   
Volker Musahl (USA)

Lateral extra articular surgery: When and how I use it in my practice 
Alan Getgood (CAN)                    

Demo 3: Anatomic posterolateral reconstruction  
Scott Faucett (USA)     
Jorge Chahla (USA)

Case Presentations 
Panel: Julian Feller (AUS), Volker Musahl (USA), Romain Seil (LUX), Camilo Helito (BRA)