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COBLATION Technology


The term COBLATION means “controlled ablation.”  COBLATION technology involves the creation and application of an energy field called “glow discharge plasma.” This plasma ablates tissue through a chemical process as highly energized particles in the plasma break down molecules in the tissue.

COBLATION devices establish a plasma layer of reactive particles that disrupt organic molecular bonds in target tissue, resulting in volumetric removal of tissue with minimal damage to adjacent healthy tissue.1

The COBLATION plasma layer is created by current flowing between closely-spaced, bipolar electrodes. This current forms a high density energy field that rapidly vaporizes a thin layer of a conductive liquid (saline or Ringer’s lactate solution) at the surface of the electrode into a glow discharge plasma of very reactive and energized ions and electrons.

COBLATION technology provides two distinct advantages to the surgeon:

  • COBLATION technology operates at lower temperatures than other radio frequency (RF)-based technologies.
  • The 100μm-200μm plasma field allows for precise removal of soft tissue with minimal damage to untargeted tissue.

For more information, download our COBLATION Technology Brochure.

1 Stalder KR, Woloszko J, Brown IG, Smith CD. Repetitive Plasma Discharges in Saline Solutions. Applied Physics Letters 2001;79:4503-4505.

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