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Instrument For Ligament Healing


MICRO PERFORATION of the medial ligament complex reestablishes an acute healing environment for treatment of subacute and chronic MCL laxity.

Research has shown there is an increased likelihood of ACL reconstruction failure when 3° ACL deficiency is associated with untreated chronic MCL laxity 1. In conjunction with ACL reconstruction, MICRO PERFORATION may stimulate medial complex healing to increase the probability of a successful ACL outcome.

In conjunction with Thomas D. Rosenberg, M.D., Richard M. Greenwald, Ph.D., and Jurgen Eichhorn, M.D., Smith & Nephew has developed the MICRO PERFORATION  System.

The Smith & Nephew MICRO PERFORATION  instrument comes in two sizes, with concave and convex designs. These configurations allow for multiple entry sites for repair.

1 Fealy et al., 1999 ANNA, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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7205975 MICRO PERFORATION  instrument, small concave
7205976 MICRO PERFORATION  instrument, small convex
7205977 MICRO PERFORATION  instrument, large concave
7205978 MICRO PERFORATION  instrument, large convex