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Soft Tissue Cinch

WHIPKNOT Soft Tissue Cinch


The WHIPKNOT Soft Tissue Clinch is indicated for use in assisting in the harvest, preparation, and placement of soft tissue grafts during ligament reconstructive surgical procedures. The WHIPKNOT comes pre-assembled in a sterile pack that also includes a disposable cannula. The WHIPKNOT soft tissue cinch is a disposable device and should not be used as an implant.

Instructions for Use

Step 1

WhipknotSoftTissueCinch_InstructionsforUse_Step1 Load WHIPKNOT soft tissue cinch assembly onto cannula, slide the WHIPKNOT soft tissue cinch off loading tube onto the cannula, and remove loading tube.

Step 2

WhipknotSoftTissueCinch_InstructionsforUse_Step2 Place soft tissue forceps through the pre-loaded cannula

Step 3

WhipknotSoftTissueCinch_InstructionsforUse_Step3 Grasp the distal end of the graft with the forceps and slide WHIPKNOT soft tissue cinch onto the distal end of the graft

Step 4

WhipknotSoftTissueCinch_InstructionsforUse_Step4 Place WHIPKNOT soft tissue cinch approximately 3 mm to 3.5 mm from the end of the graft strand to ensure full cinch

Step 5

WhipknotSoftTissueCinch_InstructionsforUse_Step5 While still grasping the graft end, pull on suture limb at a 90° angle until firmly seated

Step 6

WhipknotSoftTissueCinch_InstructionsforUse_Step6 Release forceps from graft and pull WHIPKNOT soft tissue cinch distally to complete the cinch

Ordering Information

Ref. Description
7211015WHIPKNOT (sterile, box of 10)
Please note that each single pack contains four pre-assembled WHIPKNOT soft tissue cinches and one disposable cannula.