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Shoulder Positioner

T-MAX Shoulder Positioner


The T-MAX Shoulder Positioner provides ideal access, adjustability, and stability for Beach Chair shoulder procedures.

  • Designed to attach to the rails of almost any OR Table
  • Superior head adjustment allows for infinite positions of tilt, rotation, and forward slide of the head
  • Sliding shoulder pad, and posterior placement allows for unparalleled access to the surgical site


Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Reference # Description

7210996 T-MAX System

System includes

7210551 T-MAX Shoulder Positioner
7210552 Adjustable arm board
7210553 T-MAX Cart
7210554 T-MAX Square Rail Clamp (2 units)
7210555 Intubation Pad

T-MAX Accessories

7210559 Disposable face mask (case of 8) 
7210552 Adjustable arm board
72203415 Non-Operative Arm Board 
72203318 Adjustable Lateral Support 
7210553 T-MAX Cart
7210554 T-MAX Square Rail Clamps (2 units)
7210555 Intubation Pad
7210556 Gel Face Mask
7210557 Extended Lateral Support
7210558 Mask Straps (pair) 
7210560 Knee Bolster
7210563 Intubation Drape Bar
7210564 Lateral Support Knobs, 2 per box 
72200481 T-MAX, Japanese/Eschman
72200482 T-MAX, OPT
72200668 T-MAX, DE
72201185 T-MAX, MA
72200484 Replacement Intubation Tree
72201184 Replacement T-MAX body straps
72200483 Strut Replacement Kit