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Knotless Suture Anchor - Shoulder

SPEEDLOCK Knotless Implant


Providing precise anatomic fixation of soft tissue.

Precise, reliable tissue shift and anatomic repair is now achievable with the SPEEDLOCK Knotless Suture Anchor. This knotless anchor provides independent suture-lock and accurate suture tensioning after anchor insertion.

The SPEEDLOCK Anchor features independent Suture Lock, which allows you to make incremental micro-tensioning suture adjustments for a precise repair. The internal suture locking mechanism is designed to eliminate the bone and suture lock variability that may arise from differences in bone quality and arthroscopic knot tying.

  • Inline drill guide system is designed to provide precise, ergonomic, reliable drill placement.
  • Strong fixation: The SPEEDLOCK Knotless Suture Anchor demonstrates pullout strength of 250N1.
  • Independent suture tensioning allows the surgeon to precisely and reliably reduce the tissue to the underlying bone after anchor insertion
  • Internal suture lock is designed to allow for precise, reproducible suture tensioning, independent of anchor and bone interference.
  • PEEK implant is radiolucent, MRI-safe, and generally revisable
1. In 20 lb. bone foam as documented in report 25374-01 Rev. G for the SPEEDLOCK Knotless Suture Anchor.

Ordering Information

SPEEDLOCK Knotless Suture Anchor
Reference #      Description
OM-7500          SPEEDLOCK Knotless Suture Anchor

SPEEDLOCK Inline Drill System
Reference #      Description
OM-9816          3.5mm Inline Drill Guide
OM-9817          SPEEDLOCK Obturator for Inline Drill Guide
OM-9850          SPEEDLOCK 3.0mm Tapered Twist Drill
OM-9860          SPEEDLOCK 3.0mm Tapered Twist Drill (hard bone)

Reference #      Description
OM-9715          SPEEDLOCK Drill Guide, 3.5mm, high visibility
OM-9716          SPEEDLOCK Drill Guide, 3.5mm, low profile
OM-9717          SPEEDLOCK Sharp-tipped Obturator
OM-9750          SPEEDLOCK 3.0mm Tapered Twist Drill




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