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Mini Laryngeal Wand

PROCISE MLW Mini Laryngeal Wand provides small lesion pinpoint ablation and coagulation capabilities.


The PROCISE MLW plasma wand is designed for precise, controlled removal of laryngeal lesions. Its ultra-slim Wand shaft provides access to the trachea and makes it well-suited for operating on small anatomy.

COBLATION technology can be used for removing or debulking a variety of polyps, lesions, and tumors in the larynx and trachea. In addition, recent studies about airway fires suggest, under normal operating circumstances, using COBLATION technology in place of traditional electrosurgical or laser devices significantly reduces the risk of igniting an airway fire.1,2,3

Features of the PROCISE MLW Wand:

  • Single-wire electrode to provide “pinpoint” precision for lesion removal near delicate patient anatomy in laryngeal and tracheal procedures
  • Extended length and ultra-slim Wand shaft for improved access to subglottic anatomy (19cm working length) and increased visualization of surgical field


1Smith LP, Roy S. Operating room fires in otolaryngology: risk factors and prevention. Am J Otolaryngol. Article in press (Epub 2010 Apr 14).

2Roy S, Smith LP. Device-related risk of fire in oropharyngeal surgery: a mechanical model. Am J Otolaryngol. 2010 Sept;31(5):356-359. This article references preclinical non-human data. As such, results may not necessarily be the same in human procedures.

3Matt BH, Cottee LA. Reducing risk of fire in the operating

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