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Hinge Knee System

LEGION Hinge Knee

Product Information

LEGION Hinged Knee is an extension of the clinically successful LEGION Total Knee System.


  • Multiple femoral, tibial, stem and augment sizes
  • Uniform sizing of all components from LEGION primary to revision
  • LEGION Primary, Revision and Hinge share the same bone conserving femoral resections


Anatomic Design

  • Anatomic asymmetric tibia allows the surgeon to customize the tibial component to each patient's anatomic requirements.
  • Anatomic femoral trochlear groove is based on the clinically proven GENESISII and LEGION Primary and revision design.
  • LEGION system continuum, from primary to revision to hinge, system components and augments are compatible. 



  • An average of 96% condylar loading removes the stress from the hinge link which promotes lower wear on the  hinge device. 1
  • Kinematic Guided Motion providing a natural range of motion2 with medial pivot, lateral roll back, and screw home.3


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