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Customized procedure kit



For true customization, think inside the box.

The Smith & Nephew DYONICS ARTHROPAK Procedure Kits enable you to customize your selection of Smith & Nephew disposable products for any arthroscopic procedure. By streamlining ordering and aggregating purchasing volume through one source, DYONICS ARTHROPAK Procedure Kits increase operational efficiencies and reduce cost-per-case. Your needs are unique, from facility to procedure. DYONICS ARTHROPAK Kits are your custom solution.

Reduce Supply Expense

Aggregated purchasing volume results in increased value.

Increased Standardization and Reduced Utilization

Standardization encourages "best practice" supply use for each procedure type.

Reduced Inventory

Matching upcoming caseload with inventory reduces the need to carry excess inventory from other suppliers.

Minimized Waste

Individually packaged and sterilized contents may be restocked if they are not used for the planned procedure.

Improved Operational Efficiency and Minimized Purchase Orders

Reducing the amount of item numbers by standardizing to one supplier, DYONICS ARTHROPAK Kits simplify the ordering process and streamline inventory management and associated costs.

Reduced Demand on Staff

Product selection accuracy and speed are maximized, providing your OR staff time to focus on patient care.

Greater Breadth of Options

Smith & Nephew offers a full line of products to meet your arthroscopic needs. Customize your DYONICS ARTHROPAK Kits with virtually any Smith & Nephew disposable product, including: Blades and Burrs, Fluid Management, Leg Holders, Saw Blades, RF Resection, Cruciate Accessories, Personal Protection, Suture Passing Products, Shoulder Suspension, Cannulas, and Electrodes.