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Direct Anterior Approach

Direct Anterior Hip Approach

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Direct Anterior Approach

This minimally invasive surgery for hip replacement allows exposure from the front of the hip joint as opposed to the side (lateral) or the back (posterior). In the direct anterior approach, the hip is replaced through a natural interval between muscles. The gluteal muscles that attach to the posterior and lateral pelvis and femur are left undisturbed.

Lack of disturbance of the lateral and posterior soft tissues also accounts for immediate stability of the hip and potentially lowers the risk of dislocation. Following the direct anterior approach, some patients may be allowed to bend their hip freely and to avoid some, cumbersome, post-operative restrictions.

The following products are optimal for the Direct Anterior Approach:

ANTHOLOGY Primary Hip System

POLARSTEM Cementless Stem System

SMF Short Monolithic Femoral Hip Stem

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