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A single piece design1

  • Available in curved and straight blades
  • Textured handle to aid in gripping
  • Working length able to fit down all standard Smith+Nephew hip length cannulas

…combined with consistent sharpness1

  • Ability to cut through hip capsule tissueto perform Interportal and T-Capsulotomy
  • Single-use to ensure sharpness

Ordering information

CAP-FIX Blades
Reference #    Description
72205316    CAP-FIX Blade, Straight
72205317    CAP-FIX Blade, Curved
72205318    CAP-FIX Blade, Straight, with Hip Pac
72205319    CAP-FIX Blade, Curved, with Hip Pac


1. Data on file at Smith+Nephew, report 15009423, Rev A, 2019.

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