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Arthroscopy Solutions for your OR


We are driven to design products that enable better outcomes and improved quality of care.

We can work with you to ensure your arthroscopy suite is complete, robust and ready to perform. Whether you need a comprehensive visualization system, some best-in-class1 blades, or perhaps you’re interested in COBLATION Technology, we’ve got you covered.

All-in-one visualization and media management, medical monitors, arthroscopes, video arthroscopes and high-definition couplers.

Fluid Management
Self-calibrating pump for reproducible and reliable settings.

COBLATION Technology:
COBLATION Systems and a wide range of wands.

Mechanical Resection:
Control System for soft-tissue and bone resection, a choice of shavers and a variety of specialized blades.

Arthroscopy Cart

Big features in a small footprint.

  • Full functionality while taking up less space than larger carts
  • Accommodates up to 176 lbs/80kg with lightweight and durable construction
  • Protects staff and equipment from electrical surge through built-in isolation transformer

Service Programs

Service programs include our Signature Service, Endoscope Repair and Hand Instrument Repair.

Signature service:
Rapid response for maximum uptime.

  • Address operational needs with customized plans, certified technicians and Smith & Nephew parts.
  • Exchange product in one business day to mitigate disruption of OR schedules.

Endoscope repair:
High-quality repair for high-quality optics

  • Conform to original factory specifications resulting in longer repair intervals and lower cost-per-use
  • Ensures surgeons always have access to the highest-quality equipment, all the time

Hand instrument repair:
Return to factory-new condition

  • Restore sharpness while maintaining cutting blade geometry
  • Polished, not sandblasted, to preserve sterilization effectiveness



1. Data on file at Smith & Nephew, report 15005165.


All-in-one visualization and media management, medical monitors, arthroscopes, video arthroscopes and high-definition couplers.

LENS Surgical Imaging System

All-in-one visualization and media management

  • System Console features a 30,000 hour LED light source, HD camera control unit with built-in Wi-Fi, and a fully-functional media management system.
  • Autoclavable Camera Head utilizes 1080p broadcast-grade image technology (no upconversion required) to provide a broad depth of field.
  • iPad® App is used to manage and customize images and videos and provides options for camera control, printing and auto printing, email, and branded PDF patient reports.

Integration Broker (IB) software
A direct connection to PACS

  • Enables secure and accurate data transfer between the LENS System, PACS and EMR/HIS.
  • Designed to improve OR efficiency, IB can reduce data-entry errors by importing patient information directly from EMR.
  • Supports multiple ORs simultaneously and requires only light service on the network.

Sony 31-Inch 4K LCD Medical Monitor

Detailed and clear surgical images

  • Provides a clearer view of fine details than conventional medical monitors.
  • 4K outputs four times the pixel count of standard high-definition products.

Arthroscopes, VideoArthroscopes and High-Definition Couplers

Optimized viewing from the initial point of capture

  • Present more detail in recesses with exceptional brightness and even illumination.
  • Fog-free visualization, universal interface, easy-to-reach light posts, one-handed rotation.


Fluid Management

Reliable fluid management

GoFlo Pump
Consistent effective and efficient flow

  • Self-calibrates continuously to ensure settings are reproducible and reliable
  • Optimizes flow performance through automatic detection of any scope cannula
  • Simple interface, wireless remote, quick and uncomplicated tube-set connection

COBLATION Technology


Confident outcomes through control

  • Better clinical outcomes – 88% relative less risk of replacement surgery at four years compared to mechanical debridement 2-4
  • Faster post-op recovery – 35% less physical therapy sessions compared to mechanical debridement 2-4
  • Safe for use on all tissue types – 88% of lesions showed no progression in second-look arthroscopy study 5


Rapid ablation and precise sculpting through our range of wands.

COBLATION FLOW 50 wand, with FLOW-IQ technology:

  • Optimal performance on multiple tissue types with automated outflow control.
  • Efficiently resect targeted tissue while preserving healthy surrounding tissue.



  • Screen shape and profile provide bulk tissue debridement in the shoulder and knee.
  • Accurate, real-time monitoring of intra-articular fluid temperature.



  • Mega-sized suction wand with a large, single-aperture suction port.
  • Swift removal of bubbles and debris during shoulder and knee repair.



  • Designed for hip procedures, with a 50-degree tip and rigid shaft.
  • Efficient, precise ablation along with resection of soft tissue.


TOPAZ EZ wand:

  • Designed for soft tissue in the shoulder, elbow, knee, foot and ankle.
  • Precise surgical technique and single application protocol.


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Mechanical Resection

Powerful and precise in mechanical resection.

DYONICS POWER II Control System.
Powerful and precise soft-tissue and bone resection.

  • Adapts quickly to surgeon preferences with blade family auto-recognition feature.
  • Allows simultaneous use of shaver and power handpieces with dual hot ports.
  • Operate footswitch in variable speed or on/off mode, and choose between soft-tissue cutting modes.



  • Lightweight, ergonomic and responds quickly to variations in bone and tissue.
  • Easy-access control buttons with a window lock for fluid conservation.
  • Flexible blade orientation.



  • Compact design for access to small joints and tight spaces.
  • Specifically for small-joint procedures.
  • Wide variety of blade sizes and styles available.



 High resection rates with minimal clogging to efficiently cut through tissue and bone1.

DYONICS Hip Blades and Burrs

High-visibility burrs feature an outer, narrow-neck sheath that improves visualization of the surgical site.