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Positioning System


Customize your lateral decubitus positioning needs without complexity1

Smith & Nephew’s ACUFEX Access Positioning System was designed with ease of use in mind.2 By providing limb abduction, rotation flexion and optional lateral traction controls, our dedicated system allows you to customize your positioning solution to meet both technique and repair site needs without complexity.1 

This cost-effective, lightweight and stable solution gives you unimpeded access to the repair site.1,2 AUCFEX Access puts the control in the surgeon’s hands by providing precise shoulder positioning within the sterile field.

It's Easy
Simples set up and easy-to-use control points so you can focus on what you do best.1

It's Modular
Optional lateral traction makes both standard and advanced positioning configurations possible all while freeing up staff from supporting the operative arm during procedures.

It's Draped
System drapes allow for surgeon control and intraoperative adjustments within the sterile field eliminating the need for component sterilization.



1. Smith & Nephew 2018. Usability Validation Report 15007361.
2. Smith & Nephew 2018 Bench Top Validation Report 15007702


ACUFEX Access with callouts

Optional Lateral Traction Boom
Designed to increase access to the repair site. Length and height is adjustable allowing for a range of positions to meet varying patient sizes and surgeon preferences.1

Cable Management
Single point of weight attachment eliminates the need to tie knots with a reusable cable ad hook.

Universal Clamp
Clamp attaches to any standard OR table while eliminating the need for adaptors.

Abduction Lever
A simple press of the lever allows surgeons and staff to abduct or adduct the arm within the sterile field.

Internal and External Rotation
Unique, patent pending rotation control allows surgeons and staff to rotate the arm in one fluid motion within the sterile field.

Flexion Control
An easy-to-turn hand control is used to flex and extend the arm.

ACUFEX Access Ambidextrous image
Ambidextrous, one size disposable kits
Internal padding provides protection of the neurovascular bundle at the wrist. Unique, patent pending design of the hand plate is anatomically shaped for supporting the hand in a relaxed and natural position. 2,3


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ACUFEX Access Positioning System Includes:


ACUFEX Access Positioning System


ACUFEX Access Cart


ACUFEX Access Lateral Traction Boom


ACUFEX Access Positioning Kit


ACUFEX Access Advanced Positioning Kit

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