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AchieveCAS system and the hip: Improved precision and landmarking for hip arthroplasty

AchieveCAS - Navigate Acetabulum

Just like the AchieveCAS◊ knee application, the AchieveCAS◊ hip application is designed to make arthroplasty precise, efficient and simple.


Making hip arthroplasty more efficient and effective

With the AchieveCAS hip application, you never need to put a separate array in the femur. The AchieveCAS system navigates the placement of the cup, verifying leg length and offset using a single pelvic array. The same femoral heads that fit in the REFLECTION Acetabular System cup are used with all of the different stems. Because the AchieveCAS hip application navigates only the REFLECTION Cup, it can be used with any Smith & Nephew hip system.

Landmarking with the AchieveCAS hip application

AchieveCAS hip application makes landmarking the patient's anatomy fast and simple. First you map the pelvic plane - the reference for inclination and version of the cup. Before dislocating, map a point on the greater trochanter (femur) and patella, establishing preoperative leg length. After dislocating, map various points along the acetabular surface, determining the size and center of the acetabular sphere. The AchieveCAS system analyzes and maps these anatomical references to navigate reaming and precise placement (precise inclination and version) of the cup in the acetabulum. The greater trochanter and patellar points are used to check post-op leg length compared to pre-op leg length and allow for adjustment during trials.