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Secondary Composite Dressing



COVRSITE Cover Dressing is designed as a secondary cover dressing for gels (i.e., SOLOSITE), gel sheets, alginates, wound fillers and non-adhesive foams.


  • Can also be used as an alternative to tape and gauze over central line dressings.
  • The gentle adhesive is designed so that the dressing can be changed daily.
  • COVRSITE replaces traditional tape and gauze with a single step dressing.
  • It is water-resistant, extensible, and conformable.


COVRSITE Cover Dressing is indicated for the management of acute or chronic wounds.

Ordering Codes / Reimbursement Information

Usual Allowable Amount: Up to 1 per day (gauze with border).

Specific Coverage Criteria: Covered when used on wounds with light to moderate exudate.

Product # Size Pcs/Pkg Pkgs/Case HCPCS Code
59714000 4 x 4 10 10 A6219
59714100 4 x 4 30 10 A6219
59714300 6 x 6 10 10 A6219
59714400 6 x 6 30 10 A6219

Instructions for Use

Step 1

Choose a dressing with a pad size slightly larger than the area of the wound.

Step 2

Remove the first tab from the underside of the dressing.

Step 3

Adhere the exposed adhesive side on one side of the wound.

Step 4

Remove the second tab and adhere the rest of the dressing over the wound.