WEREWOLF COBLATION system: Indicated and designed for the knee

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The WEREWOLF COBLATION  Cartilage Repair System is indicated for all soft tissue types in the knee.

Its proven core technology has been used in more than 10 million procedures – and more than 1.5 million knee procedures – since 2008.1

The WEREWOLF system optimizes both COBLATION energy and wand outflow, delivering a new standard of performance and precision on even the most delicate tissues.

  • Versatile: A single wand has 5 distinct modes, addressing multiple tissue types and minimising instrument exchanges.
  • Fast: The WEREWOLF system removes tissue up to four times faster than our current market-leading 50⁰ wand.2
  • Accurate: The WEREWOLF system precisely removes tissue while preserving remaining delicate tissue structures, such as articular cartilage and meniscus.3, 4




1. This figure was calculated by capturing the number of COBLATION wands sold during hte tiefrme of July 2008-May 2016. (PN/ 81915)
2. Smith & Nephew data on file P/N 53303-01. The results of the in-vitro simulation testing have not been proved ot predict clinical performance. Compares AMBIENT SUPERMULTIVAC◊ 50 (set point 9) to WEREWOLF FLOW 50 (Vac Mode)
3. Smith & Nephew date on file P/N 54952-01. The results of in-vitro simulation testing have not been proven to prediect clinical performance.
4. Smith & Newphe date on file P/N 52918-01. The results of in-vitro simulation testing have not been proven to predict clinical performance.