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RENASYS Soft PortThe RENASYS Soft Port from Smith & Nephew represents a revolutionary advancement in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT). This innovative technology replaces traditional plastic tubing with a soft, conformable, compression-resistant channel.1,2

RENASYS Soft Port can be used in the most difficult to dress body areas without the need for bridging – enabling easier application, lower material costs and reduced risk of pressure related injuries.1,2 With a padded feel that enhances patient comfort, RENASYS Soft Port is innovatively engineered to work even when twisted, folded or compressed.1

Clinically proven and powerfully enhanced

  • Reduces the need for bridging, which saves application time and materials1,2
  • Enables the management of a wide range of wound types and exudate levels with a single application technique
  • RENASYS Soft Port tubing does not block throughout the duration of therapy, despite compressions, twists or folds in the line

Comfortably effective

  • Can reduce the risk of pressure-related injuries and eases patient discomfort by replacing traditional tubing with a soft, cushioned channel1



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  2. Schwartz J, et al. An open, prospective, clinical evaluation to determine the clinical efficacy of a new Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system with soft port     technology after partial diabetic foot amputation. Poster presentation, 2013, SAWC.


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