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RENASYS AB Abdominal Dressing Kit


Patients with critical open abdominal wounds require specialized treatment. When primary closure is not possible or repeat entries are necessary, you may require a comprehensive NPWT solution designed specifically for the open abdomen. The RENASYS AB Abdominal Dressing Kit supports the clinical goals of temporary abdominal closure in open abdomen patients, and works in conjunction with the RENASYS EZ MAX Device, a powerful pump that is compatible with all RENASYS Dressing Kits.

Why choose RENASYS AB?

Fast, simple application

  • The RENASYS AB Abdominal Dressing Kit includes everything needed to achieve temporary abdominal closure.
  • The organ protection layer is large enough to cover exposed areas, yet easy to apply.
  • Two pieces of pre-shaped foam allow you to meet specific needs and circumstances of the patient's open abdomen management.
  • The RENASYS Soft Port is simple and intuitive in design and application.

Supports clinical goals

  • The RENASYS AB Abdominal Dressing Kit protects and controls the abdominal contents by providing separation between the abdominal wall and the viscera. It also removes exudate and allows estimation of fluid loss, helps reduce edema, provides medial tension to slow fascia retraction, and supports timely primary fascia closure of the open abdomen.
  • The RENASYS AB Abdominal Dressing Kit is recommended for use with the powerful and intuitive RENASYS EZ MAX Device, which can also be used with the RENASYS-F Foam Dressing Kit and RENASYS-G Gauze Dressing Kit.


  • Never place exposed foam in contact with exposed bowel, arteries, veins, organs or nerves. Utilize the organ protection layer at all times when using the RENASYS AB Abdominal Dressing Kits.


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