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Shaver System

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Product Information

The DYONICS POWERMINI Shaver System packs the power and features of a full-size shaver into a compact handpiece, designed to access small, tight joints. This lightweight shaver allows the freedom of movement required for precise control, plus the power to swiftly resect the toughest tissue and bone.

The DYONICS POWERMINI Shaver is a powerful, ergonomically-designed solution for hand/wrist, foot/ankle and elbow procedures.


Powerful – ergonomic and compact while packing the 30oz-in operating torque performance of a full-size handpiece1,2

Lighter than competitive handpieces3

  • 74% lighter than ConMed® Ergo™
  • 68% lighter than ConMed® Advantage®
  • 43% lighter than Stryker® Formula
  • 29% lighter than Stryker® TPS Small Joint Shaver

Cutting efficiency – 86% of surgeons found the cutting efficiency to be better or much better than previously used blades*4

Comprehensive blades range – multiple options to fulfill arthroscopic resection needs


*Testing performed in 2008.


CAUTION: US Federal law restricts the sale of these devices to or on the order of a physician.

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Blade and Burr Geometries

DYONICS POWERMINI 2.9 mm Barrel Burr
Barrel design provides more side-cutting surface area, improving cutting efficiency for the excision of more bony anatomy

Oval cutting window and large inner teeth combine to allow aggressive resection of frayed tissue when performing arthroscopic synovectomy