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Foot and Ankle External Fixation

ILIZAROV foot and ankle external fixation


The control solution for over 20 years

TSF and ILIZAROV Hardware Pocket Reference Guide

ILIZAROV and TSF Cables Surgical Technique

Now specialized for the foot and ankle surgeon

For nearly 60 years, the ILIZAROVTM method has produced excellent postoperative results in the treatment of foot deformities and ankle fractures. By requiring fewer incisions, the system provides a minimally invasive treatment solution saving valuable OR time and resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Control for optimal outcomes

  • Control soft tissue problems with your frame
  • Provide greater stability to your internal fixation so it has time to do its job
  • Enable near immediate weight bearing
  • Protect the bottom of the foot and increase patient comfort with the new Rocker Ring

Control your OR experience

  • Save valuable OR time while still providing adjustability with the pre-assembled frame constructs
  • Simplify foot and ankle procedures with a one tray system by using the Removable Mayo Stand Caddy with newly organized compartments that provide easy access to hardware
  • Speed your procedure

ILIZAROV foot and ankle tray

Are you interested in learning more about the ILIZAROV for use in the foot and ankle?  Visit our Education and Evidence website for course information. 

 Caution: US Federal law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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