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Product Information

Now available with a 10 mm continuous loop of suture to accommodate the shorter femoral tunnels used in anatomic ACL reconstruction techniques and maximize the amount of graft in the tunnel.

  • The ENDOBUTTON CL ULTRA device is supported by over 10 years of clinical experience  and more than 20 peer-reviewed journals.
  • "Flipping” technique provides tactile feedback, ensuring proper seating
  • Titanium button is preloaded with ULTRABRAID #5 lead suture (white)and DURABRAID #5 flipping suture (green) for added procedure efficiency.

Tips and Pearls

1. How to measure socket:
Total tunnel lengths - 10 mm (CL size) + 6 mm
(flipping distance) = socket depth
Example: 30 mm total tunnel length - 10 mm + 6 mm = 26 mm socket.

Note: in most cases, socket = tunnel length - 4 mm

2. To ensure easy flipping of the ENDOBUTTON device, orient the button so that your lead suture exits the tunnel posteriorly, as shown in the diagram. This will allow the button to flip more easily on the shorter anterior aspect of the tunnel.

3. The maximum recommended graft diameter for use with the ENDOBUTTON CL ULTRA 10 mm Fixation Device is 9 mm.