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PICO Patient Form

Call your nurse or doctor immediately if:

You notice a change in the color or amount of fluid in the dressing. For example:

  • If it changes from clear to cloudy or bright red
  • You see the dressing fill rapidly with blood
  • Your wound looks more red than usual or has a foul smell
  • The skin around your wound looks reddened or irritated
  • The dressing feels or appears loose
  • You experience pain
  • The alarm display will not stop flashing

What does PICO do?

PICO is indicated for patients who would benefit from a suction device (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) as it may promote wound healing via removal of low to moderate levels of exudate and infection materials.

WARNING: Certain patients are at high risk of bleeding complications which, if uncontrolled, could potentially be fatal. Patients must be closely monitored for bleeding.

How does PICO work?

The pump applies compression to the area, increasing blood flow, and providing the surgical site or wound with a controlled environment that may promote wound healing.

How often will the dressings have to be changed?

The dressings have a wear time of up to 7 days, depending on exudate levels. The frequency of dressing changes will be determined by healthcare professional.

Will the dressing changes hurt?

In some cases, slight discomfort during dressing changes may be experienced; specifically, during wound cleansing, which may vary based on type and location. If you feel any discomfort, please notify the person who is changing your dressing. PICO dressings should only be applied, changed or removed by a healthcare professional.

When you are asleep

Make sure that the PICO pump is placed in a safe location and cannot be pulled off a table or cabinet onto the floor during sleep.

Showering and washing

Light showering is permissible; however, the PICO pump should be disconnected and placed in a safe location where it will not get wet. The dressing should not be exposed to a direct spray or submerged in water. While disconnected, ensure the end of the tubing attached to the dressing is facing downward so that water does not enter the tube.

Disconnecting the pump from the dressing

  • Press the orange button to pause therapy
  • Unscrew the two part connector
  • Place the pump somewhere safe

Light Guide

Green "OK" light flashes

Continuously flashing green: pump working properly, pressure preset.

Orange "leak" light flashes

Will flash orange color if leak is present; see Troubleshooting below.

Green "OK" light and orange "battery low" light flashes

Orange light will flash if batteries are low.

Orange "dressing full" indicator begins flashing,

Contact your healthcare professional for assessment of the dressing. Your healthcare professional will determine if a dressing change is required and if therapy should continue.


  • Press down along border of dressing until no wrinkles are present.
  • Pump will resume to flashing green when problem resolves.

    PRECAUTION: PICO does not contain audible alerts. The pump should be carried so that it is accessible and the patient/ healthcare professional can check the status routinely.

Light Guide PICO 7Y

Orange "check dressing" light flashes

When this indicator flashes, the condition of the dressings needs to be checked.

See section A. Do your dressings look full?

If no dressing change is required by a healthcare professional, refresh the device by pressing the orange button twice.

A. Do your dressings look full?

Patients and caregivers should not attempt to change or apply dressings. Dressings should only be changed by a healthcare professional.

If a dressing looks similar to this, it is acceptable. Dressing is acceptable to be left in place.

Soft port may be blocked with fluid. If a dressing looks similar to this you must contact a healthcare professional right away.

Dressing is full. If a dressing looks similar to this you must contact a healthcare professional right away.

If dressing is not full or blocked then no action is required.

If dressing looks full or blocked, contact your healthcare professional right away.

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