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Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

As other TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME  patients will no doubt tell you, the limb correction process takes a great deal of preparation as well as personal commitment. Your physician will want you to stay physically active while you are wearing the frame. It is important to maintain as many daily routines as possible and continue attending school, work, and social activities. This will require planning. To prepare yourself and your family for this new lifestyle, quite a few issues need to be considered. Make sure you work with your surgeon and other team members in the planning process.

  • Hospitalization:

    You should plan for a hospital stay of at least three to four days. Ask your surgeon for help in planning what to bring with you and what to expect.

  • External Fixator Adjustments:

    Make the commitment now to follow a schedule of fixator adjustments, which are usually needed approximately every six hours during the lengthening/correction phase. Your prescribed course of treatment will be determined by your surgeon.

  • Scheduling Considerations:

    Plan ahead now for the amount of time away from school or work, frequency of clinic visits, time of year and transportation issues you'll face. Your surgeon's clinic can assist you with making these plans.

  • Physical Limitations:

    Understand ahead of time what you will or will not be able to do. Talk to your surgeon about what to expect.

  • Changes to Normal Activities:

    Preparation, more time, energy and rest will be needed to perform daily activities.

  • Clothing Adaptations:

    Make arrangements to wear loose clothing, which will fit over the fixator. Read more about our clothing suggestions.

  • Insurance Coverage:

    Know your insurance plan and make sure to secure all approvals prior to surgery. Find out what your insurance will cover for medical equipment as you will need several medical items during your external fixator treatment time. Your surgeon's clinic can give you a list of items that you may need to give to your insurance company.

  • Household Furniture and Linens:

    Your furniture and linens can be protected from damage caused by the fixator by wearing a protective covering over it. Learn more about external fixator covers.

Please discuss nutrition, medication and treatment options with your doctor to make sure you are getting the proper care for your particular situation.  The information on this site does not replace your doctor's specific instructions.