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Activities of Daily Living

More time, preparation, energy and rest will be needed to perform activities such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, walking, dressing, bathing, etc. You may need the assistance of significant others to help you through this. You will be limited to what you can do. Talk to your surgeon about this and what to expect.

Immediately after surgery, the affected extremity should be elevated above the level of the heart until there are no concerns about swelling. To elevate the affected extremity properly, place a pillow under the heel of your foot so that the knee is extended fully.

To move the affected extremity, the leg external fixator must be moved together as a unit. The amount of assistance needed depends on your ability to control the leg during the move. Make sure not to place your hands under the fracture site during movement. This may cause you to apply stress and even slightly manipulate the fracture site.

Please discuss nutrition, medication and treatment options with your doctor to make sure you are getting the proper care for your particular situation.  The information on this site does not replace your doctor's specific instructions.