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What is the ILIZAROVTM Method?

The ILIZAROV Method is a successful orthopaedic surgical technique designed to lengthen or straighten bone and soft tissue. Additionally, this innovative device and technique can sometimes save limbs that might otherwise be amputated.

Although some form of fixation has been used in orthopaedic medicine for hundreds of years, it was Russian-born Gavril Ilizarov who is considered the grandfather of circular external fixators. Taking advantage of the remarkable fact that bone heals itself by growing, or regenerating, he determined that he could correct disfigured bones by separating two bone halves millimeter by millimeter.

During this process, the body's natural ability to grow bone fills in the gap between the two bones, correcting deformities or increasing length. Dr. Ilizarov was able to lengthen legs and arms and treat severely disabled patients with bone trauma or deformities. Many orthopaedic surgeons around the world today still use the ILIZAROV device and Dr. Ilizarov's surgical methods.  

DISCLAIMER: The information that you will read here about the ILIZAROV Method and the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME external fixator is not a complete resource guide about these unique technologies. Please consult your orthopaedic surgeon for medical guidance about these technologies and whether or not you are a candidate for these procedures.

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