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Before Knee Revision Surgery

Successful surgery is always a cooperative effort between you, the orthopaedic surgeon and the people who help you recover from surgery. It is important to follow instructions so that your surgery will proceed as planned. Follow the directions given to you by your orthopaedic surgeon and call your surgeon's office if you have any questions.

The surgery to repair or replace a loosened prosthetic knee joint is usually more difficult than your original knee replacement surgery. This is because there is often less bone for your orthopaedic surgeon to work with and bone grafting is sometimes needed to help improve the quality of bone and tissue and secure the implant. The recovery period is often longer for revision knee surgery because the patient is typically older and often in weaker general health.

Prior to revision knee surgery be sure to ask about all of the following:

  • Pre-operative procedure
  • Getting your house ready before your surgery
  • Help at home
  • Preparation for the hospital
  • Days before surgery
  • Day of surgery

You and your orthopaedic surgeon may participate in an initial surgical consultation, which includes pre-operative X-rays, a bone scan, a complete medical and surgical history, physical examination, and a review of medications and allergies. During this visit, your orthopaedic surgeon will most likely review your revision knee procedure and answer any questions you may have. In addition, your orthopaedic surgeon may require that you have a complete physical examination by your internist or family physician, as you will need to be cleared medically by your physician before undergoing this extensive procedure. Your orthopaedic surgeon may suggest that you consider donating your own blood to save in case you need it during surgery or post-operatively.

Your orthopaedic surgeon may ask you to consult a physical therapist to discuss your recovery, knee rehabilitation program and the important precautions you must take after your revision knee surgery. The physical therapist may also give you instruction on exercises that you can begin prior to your surgery that will make the recovery much easier.


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