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Knee Replacement Procedure

Knee replacement surgery typically takes between one and two hours to complete. This section will provide you with a brief, easy-to-understand description of the surgical procedure:

1. An incision is made extending from the thigh, past the inside edge of the kneecap, and down to the shinbone.
2. The end of the femur is shaped in preparation for sizing the femoral trial component.
3. The top of the tibia is shaped for proper sizing of the tibial trial component.
4. The trial units are put in place and the appropriate implant size is selected.
5. The knee is assessed for alignment, stability, and range of motion.
6. The underside of the kneecap is prepared and patella trial is selected.
7. The trial units are removed and the final femoral, tibial, and patella components are implanted.
8. The incision is closed, a drain is put in, and the post-operative bandaging is applied.

knee implant x-ray