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General travel tips

Traveling can be a challenge if you have arthritis or have undergone hip replacement surgery. Here are some travel tips that could make your travel or vacation more enjoyable.


  • Advance preparations are important for any trip. Be realistic about what activities you are safely able to do.
  • Evaluate any vacation tour carefully to see if it is right for you and research the amenities, transportation and lodging options offered in the vacation tour. This can be done either through the Internet or with your travel agent.
  • If you need wheelchair assistance when booking air travel reservations, request that with the airline when the trip is booked.
  • Take along your Joint Replacement Patient ID Card if you've had hip replacement surgery. This will identify you as someone with metal implants and is important for airport metal detector clearance.
  • Carry more medication than you think you'll need just in case you happen to extend your trip.
  • Travel with a brief medical history of yourself, including a list of your prescriptions and your physician's name and phone number.
  • Only use luggage with wheels and only take items on the plane that you'll need in-flight.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.


Relax, enjoy and don't over do it!