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Before Hip Replacement Surgery

Successful surgery is always a cooperative effort between you, the orthopaedic surgeon and the people who help you recover from surgery. You have a very important role in preparing for your hip replacement surgery. Ask your orthopaedic surgeon if there is a Joint Replacement Class available in your area. This class will teach you how to care for your new joint and what to expect while you are in the hospital. You will also learn about the equipment you will be using after surgery and safe methods for walking and getting in and out of bed. It is very helpful to have a family member or friend attend the class with you.

Prior to your hip replacement surgery be sure to ask about all of the following:

  • Pre-operative procedure
  • Getting your house ready before your surgery
  • Help at home
  • Preparation for the hospital
  • Days before surgery
  • Day of surgery

Before surgery you will have an initial surgical consultation with your orthopaedic surgeon. This appointment includes X-rays, a complete medical and surgical history, physical examination and a review of your medications and allergies. During this visit, your surgeon will also review your hip replacement procedure and answer any questions. Your orthopaedic surgeon may require that you have a complete physical examination by your internist or family physician as you will need to be cleared medically before undergoing this extensive procedure. Your surgeon may also suggest that you donate your own blood in case you need it during surgery or post-operatively.

In addition, you may be asked to consult with a physical therapist to discuss recovery, hip rehabilitation and important precautions you must take after your surgery. The physical therapist may give you exercises you can begin prior to your surgery in order to aid with recovery.

Finally, your orthopaedic surgeon and the hospital may require that you visit the admissions department prior to surgery to pre-certify your hip replacement procedure with your insurance company.



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