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Stress Fracture of the Hip

Stress fractures are actually hairline cracks in the bone that can grow larger over time if they are not treated properly. Usually, bones can adapt to repetitive stress; however, extreme stress that is repeated too often can overwhelm the bone's ability to adapt. This is especially true with repetitive, strenuous exercise, such as running.

A stress fracture is more likely to occur in runners after an increase in the distance, amount of training and intensity of their running program. Running on hard surfaces like concrete sidewalks or asphalt may also cause additional stress. Stress fractures of the hip are related to amount of exercise and how fast you increase your exercise program.

Stress fractures of the hip are marked by pain in the front of the groin while standing or moving. Rest usually makes the pain go away and strenuous exercise, such as running or climbing stairs, may be very painful.

If you believe you have a stress fracture in your hip, please contact your physician immediately for individualized treatment.

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