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TRIGEN INTERTANIntertrochanteric Antegrade Nail has been designed to address three main goals of hip fracture surgery. 

1.     Stabilize the hip to promote healing

2.     Decrease thigh pain

3.     Return to function to prevent complications

How is INTERTAN different?


  • Clothes pin distal tip is less rigid and helps reduce anterior thigh pain

  • Trapezoidal shape helps provide rotational stability

Two integrated screws instead of one screw


  • 11mm lag screw and 7mm compression screw
  •  More material on the lateral side of the nail where push/pull forces tend to be greatest
  • Helps with rotation while stabilizing area
  •  Enhanced stability is achieved; allowing early weight bearing status

Note:  Early mobility is important to avoid serious complications after surgery. 

TRIGEN INTERTAN image with features

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