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Preventing Hip Fractures

More than 90% of hip fractures in adults 65 years and older are a result of a fall 2. The most effective way to prevent a hip fracture, or any hip injury is to practice important fall prevention strategies.

1. Begin a regular exercise program
2. Exercise can lower your chances of falling by making you stronger. There are a number of exercises that can improve balance and coordination so ask your doctor which exercise if right for you.
3. Have your doctor review your medications and take them only as directed.
4. Some medicines or combinations of medicines can make you dizzy and can cause you to fall. 
5. Have your vision checked at least once a year. Poor vision can increase your chance of falling.
6. Make your home a safer place.

There are a number of simple things you can do in your home to make it safer and prevent potential falls.

• Remove things that might be underfoot and cause you to fall such as electrical cords, magazines and throw rugs.
• Free up your hands while moving so you can use them for balance.
• Keep items that you use frequently within easy reach and always ask for help.
• Place grab rails next to your toilet, shower or tub.
• Avoid going barefoot or wearing slippers that might cause you to trip.

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