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Trauma & Extremities

Education and Evidence Website - Join the experts

A powerful new knowledge resource created with surgeons, for surgeons.

Why is this important?

Smith & Nephew is committed to helping health care professionals rise to the challenges they face in their dynamic clinical environment. Education and Evidence is part of our program to give access to best practice and some of the latest thinking – so surgeons can stay up to date and continually advance their knowledge.

What makes Education and Evidence special?

Education and Evidence has been built to deliver knowledge flexibly and efficiently. It contains approximately 1000 clinical, workshop and lecture videos, as well as scientific literature, clinical guides and information about our courses. It works across different devices, optimizing the way the information is delivered. It provides powerful search facilities and the ability to customise what you see. It is a global platform for learning, knowledge sharing, and training.

Who provides the information?

The material – whether lectures, procedures or demonstrations – is typically developed with surgeons for surgeons.

Who can register?

All medical professionals and medical researchers with an interest and practice in orthopaedics and joint reconstruction, trauma, arthroscopy/sports medicine, additionally, wound care, advanced healing and other related fields are welcome to register with Education and Evidence.