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VLP FOOT Calcaneus

Percutaneous Calcaneus Plating System

VLP-FOOT Percutaneous Calcaneus Plating System


Improving patient outcomes 
Recent studies have shown that the extensive lateral incision has become the standard treatment for most displaced calcaneus fractures. This procedure has up to a 25% soft tissue complication rate post-op. 1
Makes mini-incision easier 
Plate designed specifically for a percutaneous approach
Simplified and intuitive instrumentation for streamline fracture reduction and insertion
Technology of the VLP FOOT family: variable-angle locking and 4 different screw types
Download the VLP FOOT Percutaneous Calcaneus Plating System Brochure 


1. Folk JW, Starr AJ, Early JS: Early wound complications of operative treatment of calcaneus fractures: Analysis of 190 fractures; J Orthop Trauma 1999; 13:369-372.

Design & Technology

The VLP FOOT calcaneal fracture fixation products from Smith & Nephew are designed to offer a variety of choices for surgeons to operate through the traditional extensile lateral approach or the mini sinus tarsi approach, accommodating surgeon preference as well as clinical needs.

The Percutaneous Calcaneus Plate is designed for the mini incision approach to reduce the incidence of soft tissue complications in the traditional extensile lateral approach. Dozens of specimens at Cleveland Museum of Natural History were studied in the course of designing the plate. The specimens covered a wide range of age groups of male and female, Caucasian, African American, and Asian. Cadaver lab studies were performed to validate the proper profile of the plates with both clinical and radiographic confirmations.